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Welcome To Mom’s Saffron, where you can buy saffron threads and look up saffron recipes. All of our saffron threads come straight from the farms of Iran. Mom’s Saffron has worldwide glory for its unparalleled fragrance, superior quality, impressive flavor,  fascinating coloring strength and beautiful packaging. Mom’s Saffron is proud to offer grade 1 Iranian sargol saffron threads picked from the best-chosen red stigmas. All the red saffron threads are 100% pure dried with special precaution so there remains no moisture trapped inside. When choosing to buy saffron online, there can be many options, however we are confident that the quality of saffron we provide beats all the competitors.
Mom’s Saffron offers 4 sizes; 2, 5, 10, and 20 grams.

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Why Buy Saffron From Mom’s Saffron?

  • 100% Grade One Pure SargolSaffron
  • Straight From The Farm’s of Iran
  • All Red Threads
  • Beautiful Packaging
  • 100% Money-Back Guaranteed

How to Prepare Saffron

  • Add a pinch of saffron to 2 tablespoons of water
  • Mix Water and Saffron and let soak for 20 minutes
  • Use Mortar to Mash Threads to Thick Paste
  • Add Paste to Desired Dish
  • Great for adding to tea

A Little About Saffron

Saffron is far and away the most expensive food on earth, way more than truffles, caviar, and real balsamic vinegar. Its history is epic; its flavor is revered. International organizations employ lab equipment to fuss over grading crops for flavor, color, and richness. And its longstanding coveted status has borne a tradition of adulteration, embargo, and conspicuous consumption that can only be characterized as grotesque. So what’s the deal with this stuff? Is it worth all the fuss? And what, at the end of the day, can you really do with it?

First, an explanation of its price. Saffron threads are the stamens of the crocus, a high-maintenance flower whose climatory pickiness is matched only by its fickle yields. Each flower, which blooms for one week of the year, produces about three stamens which must be picked by hand (with the greatest delicacy, of course) and dried (delicately again!). 150 flowers and substantial labor are needed to produce a single gram of saffron; it’s only as affordable as it is because harvesters aren’t paid much at all. 

Where to Buy Saffron?

There are less expensive varieties available, but real saffron has a high base rate of expense that it’s price just can’t sink below. When purchased in small quantities from reliable sources, saffron is definitely worth it. Beyond its luxe cachée is a flavor difficult to describe but profoundly delicious. It plays well with an impressive range of ingredients, and even when it doesn’t dominate a dish, its flavor and distinct aroma elevate its surrounding flavors into something ethereal. The key is learning how to source it so you don’t break the bank or get ripped off. 

When you finally decide to buy saffron, your major purchasing decision will be country of origin. By the same token, if I can find Iranian saffron, that’s my top choice. The color is a deeper red and is more pronounced. But these saffrons are difficult to find for reasons of embargo, difficulty in cultivation, and local bans on export for the international market. The next step down (though only the nitpickiest would call it a downgrade) is Spanish saffron, which is high quality, relatively available, and strictly regulated. Remember when you buy saffron from Mom’s Saffron, you are only getting grade 1 Iranian Sargol Saffron. 

Different Grades of Saffron

You might be wondering what is the meaning behind the word ‘grade.’ Saffron is divided into grades. Names to look for are coupe, superior, La Mancha, or Rio. Coupe is the top of the line: it has the least flavorless yellow stem and the highest amount of crocin, one of the key essential oils in saffron. If you can’t find coupe grade (or don’t want to shell out the money for it), those other grades are more affordable and still high quality. Pick your grade by the saffron’s final destination. 

What to do with Saffron?

After taking pains to find and finally buy saffron, what can you do with it? The most classic use is rice dishes: risottos, pilafs, and paellas. A small pinch adds brilliant color, aroma, and flavor against bland grains. Desserts are another go-to, and saffron can tread anywhere vanilla does, such as custards and cookies. (The flavor profiles of the two are similar: sweet, heady, and musky.) Saffron takes best to light meat and vegetables, such as poultry, cauliflower, and onions. Combine those in a quick braise with saffron, cinnamon, cumin, and almonds and you have a North African-esque dish that tastes like it took way more time than it did.

Cooking with Saffron

For general cooking, it’s best to add saffron early on in cooking so its flavor can infuse into the other ingredients. If there’s water already in the pan, just crumble in the threads. Otherwise soak them in a tablespoon of water for ten minutes before adding to the pan.

If you want saffron’s delicate flavor to really come to the fore, keep the other flavors and seasonings to a minimum. But I most enjoy saffron as a supporting player, less for its flavor than for the depth of flavor it gives a whole dish. A small pinch in a large pot of food makes a substantial change in it’s character: The flavor is richer, fuller, and much more aromatic. My favorite saffron dishes are humble affairs with simple ingredients and spices, like plov, an Uzbek rice pilaf studded with carrots and onions. The saffron adds a hint of luxury and some sophisticated sweetness.

Whether you dress it up or down, saffron’s worth getting to know. Also, the quality stuff is easier to find than ever, and if you purchase by the gram or the ounce, it’s an affordable luxury that’ll pay for itself over and over. 

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Mom’s Saffron ships all orders via USPS First Class Mail and for a limited time, we are offering free shipping on all orders. Processing, handling and shipping happens all within 1 business day. We are so confident that you will be impressed with the quality of grade 1 Sargol saffron, that we will provide 100% money-back guaranteed if you are not satisfied. There are many options to buy saffron online, however be wise and make sure you buy saffron that is high quality for maximum enhancement during use. And if you are looking for the perfect tennis gift, check out these guys. 

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The Saffron Threads Taking Over the U.S
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